Her needs are dark. His are dangerous.

Charlie MacNiall has been bringing his beautiful king shepherd to the vet clinic where Ranay Killian works for the better part of a year. She doesn’t realize he’s been slowly wooing her. She certainly has no idea that he picked her deliberately—that she is to become his. A broken heart and a desperate desire to be dominated make her the perfect victim.

His perfect victim.

Charlie fixes Ranay, testing her emotional limits while pushing her sexual boundaries past anything she’d imagined possible. Pain is their shared pleasure…until Charlie disappears and Ranay is all but destroyed.

The FBI says the man she loves is a serial killer. Ranay can’t deny there’s a darkness in Charlie, a monstrous hunger that drives him to the brink. She even believes he could kill. But Charlie’s hunger is what bonds them—it’s the foundation of their love. Would he actually kill her?




I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I was really hesitant to read this book. When I read the blurb, it seemed interesting, so I requested access. After a couple of weeks, I still haven’t touched it because I was afraid it might be too much and too dark for me. Eventually, I gathered enough courage to open my digital copy and start reading.

Best decision ever. I don’t really know how to review this book and give it justice. I just have to say that this book blew my mind. It was dark, edgy, thrilling, and dangerous. The heroine was a masochist who started out as a lost woman, trying to move on from a bad breakup. The hero was a normal man who hid a monstrous personality.

The sex scenes, while they were not pornographic and not focused on the actual sex, were all intense. Ms. Burkhart did an exceptional job in writing the scenesc where readers could almost see themselves in the scene itself. Blood play, knife play, biting, pain, pleasure, everything was there. The scenes were scary and exciting, exactly how the heroine described them.

I love the suspense angle that was injected into the story. It elevated the book into another level. This book was more than just a BDSM romance novel. It was also more than just a romantic suspense novel where the hero gets to save the day and live happily ever after with the heroine. No. In this book, the hero is just as dangerous as your most dreaded killer.

Another thing I loved about this book was that it painted a good picture of the dynamics in a BDSM relationship, the trust, the openness. Even if I’m not in the lifestyle, I got to appreciate their relationship for what it was. The heroine and the hero balanced each other. The masochist with no limit trusted the hero and in turn, the hero who had the darkest urges trusted the heroine to know when enough is enough.

I have to be honest and say I have not read anything from this author before, although I have heard many great things. I am ashamed of that fact, but there it is. However, from what I just read, I am very sure I will be getting and reading more books from her, whether the old ones or her upcoming ones.

One Cut Deeper is a deeper, darker journey into BDSM and Joely Sue Burkhart was just the perfect author to write something like this. Again, amazing!




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