I received an ARC of this book from Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s release day promotions.

I love Bella Jewel. There is something raw and messy with her love stories that look so much like real life. I’ve followed her MC romance novels as well as her pirate series and the painfully beautiful ‘Til Death duo. When I learned of this new series, I immediately jumped at the chance to participate in reviewing it pimping it up.

Flawed heart is Max and Belle’s story. If you know her books, we meet Max and Belle in the last Jokers’ Wrath MC installment which featured Pippa and Tyke’s love story. When Belle was introduced, I initially thought that Max was a dangerous man who was out to do her and her daughter harm. When Max was finally introduced, he was so far from my previous perception.

I truly loved this heartbreaking story of two people who have both loved and hurt each other beyond words. I understand why Belle left. It has been a really difficult time, and Max seemed to be the one who gave up. Plus, it always hurts when the one person you love the most tells you that they may have already fallen out of love with you. She couldn’t have known then that Max was truly just lost.

I also felt for Max because he had his own hell that he was forced to deal with, alone. He wanted to protect Belle but ended up hurting her and losing her eventually. I don’t think that two people could have loved each other as much as they did, but life made it very difficult for them.

One thing that added to the reasons why I loved the book was the little girl. I always love second chance love stories, but In love the all the more if there is a cute child involved. Of course, I also liked it that Pippa and Tyke made small appearances every now and the.

Ms. Jewel truly knows how to break her readers’ hearts. She writes stories that are dark, hopeless, and depressing and then magically transforms them into a fairy tale, one of hope and unwavering love that we all aspire to have.

Reading Order [book-series]
Book 1 – Flawed Heart
Book 2 – Flawed Love

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