I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I’m undecided what to rate this book. I love MC romance novels. I like the gritty, messy stories and the complicated characters. With this book, I couldn’t really find any fault with the characters. But I also couldn’t find anything amazing in them. The way that the story unfolded left room for a lot of dissatisfaction.

As a menage, the scenes were hot. It was more of a gangbang than a menage, but I don’t really care about the difference. With the hero and the heroine, their steamy scenes were good, so in the steam aspect, I have no complaints. What I couldn’t fall in love with were the characters.

Individually, I think they were okay. I just couldn’t get myself to really feel their connection. Wait, there’s this whole thing where the heroine fails at communication. The hero isn’t all that great because I don’t remember it crossing his mind to tell the heroine that he was married.

I mean, in the last scene where the heroine confronted the hero about that fact, the way that the hero handled it sounded like he was blaming the other woman who told the heroine that he had a wife. Hello? Wasn’t that tidbit supposed to have been addressed like earlier in the book? Then, it was just too convenient that all of a sudden, he already had the divorce proceedings started and asked the heroine to marry him someday. Wow. I could just swoon. Not.

I was really thinking I’d be giving this a 3, but after remembering those things that put me off of this book, I am now settling on rating it a two. Overall story was okay, but too much was injected into it, and I just didn’t enjoy how those things were played out.

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Book 1 – Hot Ride

Book 2 – Wild Ride

Book 3 – Riding Steele

Book 4 – Hard Ride

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