I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Every now and then, I like reading books which offer clean, contemporary romance and guaranteed a kind of entertainment that these kinds of books always give. Another plus is the small town setting. Like I keep saying, I like small towns. Its exclusivity and intrusiveness is something that gets me everytime.

This is not my first Sharon Sala. In fact, I’ve read more books from her, some I wasn’t able to review and some were from before I started a book blog. She has this certain formula on her books that always end up delivering a romantic story that’s fun, intriguing, and sweet.

In this book, we have a heroine who’s been through a hard time. Being a single mother in a small town is no easy feat. It puts the spotlight on you. It feels like there’s a magnifying glass on you that the other residents watch over to see you fuck up again. The hero is sort of wild, but he was great to read about. I like how their love story was played out.

Like always, Sharon Sala has come up with a good book that gives us a good feel of small town life, an imagined community that, as readers, we want to be a part of, a love story that we want to actually witness in person. I recommend this book to romance fans and, of course, if you have read any of her books before, you’d know that you can expect a good time with this one.




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