I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

If you’ve read books from Rebecca Zanetti before, then you already know that her books and her writing are solid, dependable, and entertaining. This book is a spin off from her Dark Protectors series. There are certain crossovers; however, you can still enjoy this book even without reading the other series. Since this is a first book, there will be a lot of things you will need to catch up in and learn, but they aren’t overwhelming.

While I definitely enjoyed this book, there are still some things that I made me debate whether I should give this book 3 or 4 red hearts. First in the list would be the entire relationship between the hero and the heroine. It felt like there wasn’t any development in the love story. The sex scenes we’re really hot. But there wasn’t much to their connection. A huge part of the book was spent on them mistrusting each other. I love the hero, who wouldn’t love a hot Irish man, anyway? But the heroine needed some time for me to warm up to her.

Also, some of the descriptions about the sex we’re ridiculous at times. I don’t know. I LOLed a time or two reading some of those lines. I would still say that the sex was hot, but some lines made me laugh, though. I think those two are my only hesitations about the book.

As a whole, this book is a solid paranormal romance. Ms. Zanetti successfully created a whole new world and a whole new set of characters that will surely capture her audience’s interest. I will surely watch out for future books, and I hope that the next books will be even more enjoyable.

Reading Order [book-series]
Book 1 – Wicked Ride
Book 2 – Wicked Edge

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