I received an audio copy of this book from IndieSage PR in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s audio 4 tour promotions.

The first Skype Warren book I read lefty me feeling disturbed and dirty. Then again,  I believe dark erotica is an acquired taste, and back then, I sure wasn’t into that stuff. However, when I started reading more from her,  I began to like her books for what they are. Dirty, depressing, dark, real, scary. But very, very compelling you couldn’t even stop.

Wanderlust is a dark sorry about a heroine who grew up with a mother who had anxiety when it came to the outside world. I believe the term  for that is Agoraphobia,  right? Anyway, all her life, she wanted to get out, to be normal, to experience things in the outside world. She does not believe her mother about the stories on how gruesome the world is.

The hero is far from a hero. He was a trucker.  He saw Evie and wanted her right away, not caring about how he got her, as long as he had her. It is supposed to be an ordinary love story, but it is not. Therein lies the darkness- in Hunter.

Yes, he had a very tragic experience. But so did the heroine. The only difference between them is that the heroine did not change who she was inside. The hero did. He became dark. She was still the light. As much as I felt for both of them, this story will not guarantee you a happy ever after. Real life isn’t like that at all.

Wanderlust may be a dark book full if sex and rape and coercion. However, it also shows that tragedy and life experiences shape us into the kind of people we become.  Some of us go into the deep end. Some of us never think twice about trying again. Some of us start fearing the world. Some of us still believe that people are kind. Most of all, it also shows us that there is still hope, after all. That we should believe in ourselves, in the kindness of strangers, in friends who support us, and in forgiveness.

Wanderlust is underneath it all,  a love story that’s wrapped up in a very messy package. But that’s what it is. It shows that love isn’t just for the good people. It’s not just a lovely gift on a pretty bow. Love makes it way to every one, even the ones who least deserve it. It is as simple and as complicated as that.

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