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Finally, it’s the end of an era, at least that’s how I feel. We’re now in the final book of the Billionaire Boys Club with Cade’s book. I am going to miss these men- Logan, Hunter, Reese, Griffin, Jonathan, and Cade. I’m sure I will be re-reading this series, but for now, let’s talk about Cade.

We all know he’s been in love with Daphne Petty for so long, he couldn’t even see that the other twin, Audrey, was in love with him. That may have worked out better, since she ended up with Reese. But the jist is that when it came to Daphne, he was bling to everything else but her. This is why it took some time for me to believe his feelings for the heroine of this book.

Kylie, the heroine was a great girl. Honestly, she had quite a backstory. I think that the hero, Cade, was lucky to have her instead of the other Petty. She was a winner. I truly enjoyed this book because it was sexy. It did not have the humor of Hunter and Reese’s books, or the drama of Jonathan’s book, the alpha dominance of Logan’s or the crisp nobility of Griffin’s. This book was very Cade- simple, humble, but with substance.

I also liked how the author wrote about Daphne’s addiction and her journey to salvation. I hope she finds happiness in the future, but I am so glad she wasn’t Cade’s HEA. As a last book, this book ended the whole series on a great note. We get to see the other couples as well. Everything that made us love this series is present in this book.

Jessica Clare is truly a trustworthy name in the contemporary romance genre. Her characters are always interesting and well-written. Her plot and stories are entertaining and the romance are always sizzling hot. This book is another testament to how strong she is is her craft.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Stranded With A Billionaire

Book 2 – Beauty And The Billionaire

Book 3 – The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed

Book 4 – Once Upon A Billionaire

Book 5 – Romancing The Billionaire

Book 6 – One Night With A Billionaire







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