I received an ARC of this book from TRSOR in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s blog tour promotions.

Are  looking for a hot rockstar?  What about a sexy fighter?  Well, you get both here,  in one hero. Are you looking for a childhood crush turned steamy love of a lifetime?  What about a sports minded girl whose feelings never wavered as she matured? Well,  this book’s heroine is all that.

Strike is a sexy book that has all the right formula for being successful and popular. Most books these days tread this similar premise. The rawness, the grittiness, the wildness of today’s romance novels are so far from the usual fairy tale category romances of the previous generation.

I liked this book. I have to be honest and day that it won’t make it to my favorites list, but this book is solid and enjoyable for all it was worth. The characters were all interesting. The plot development was good and the story itself was one of the most common because the premise was something that a lot of people like.

There were some things abo it the way the book was written that were a bit difficult for me to swallow. Like the transitioning from one scene to the next and the way that aloha heroes always have it easy when they behave like jerks and the way heroines always seem to not be rational what it came to said heroes.

My concerns are mostly minor. Whether you feel the same way I do will not affect your enjoyment of the book at all. This is a good series that should be checked put,  especially by those who love slutty players who finally meet their match.

Reading Order [book-series]
Book 1 – Incite
Book 2 – Strike

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