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It’s hard to love a dirty talking hero. Said nobody ever!!! Connor Bannon, you are now my favorite dirty talker. Then again, any reader will fall in love with him not just for his sexy tongue. Connor Bannon is a good man who may have a troubled past but has no problem doing good things when needed.

The heroine is a great character. After all she went through in her past, even if she may appear broken at times, Erin is still definitely a solid character that readers will no doubt enjoy. It may be too much of the insta-love between Erin and Connor, but I couldn’t care anymore. Seriously, whenever they are together, sparks are always out of control, definitely amazing chemistry.

I’ve always loved books from Tessa Bailey. She has a way of creating sexy heroes and kickass heroines and putting them together to create a fiery love story. I mean, why wouldn’t I love something like that? Other than that, Ms. Bailey always writes books that aren’t very dark. They are always just the right amount of suspense and action for any reader to know that nothing really really bad will happen but will still keep readers turning every page, if only to get to the best parts of the book.

The first book of this series was just as amazing. I am sure that the next book will be just as good. Unfortunately, it looks like I am in for a long wait. 2016 could not come any faster. However, for this author and for her books, I would gladly wait because I know that, in the end, when I finally read the book, it will always be worth the wait.


As if her thoughts had made him appear, Connor strode into the courthouse. Her pulse started beating double time, her stomach muscles tightening. Good Lord, the man was a fucking panty dropper. She’d only been away from him for a few hours and it felt like years since she’d experienced his presence. In jeans and a fitted gray T-shirt that molded to his muscles like her hands itched to do, he personified confidence and authority. Hot, rugged male. His gaze connected with hers immediately and darkened. She thought back to that morning when he’d dressed in the early morning light, his abs flexing as he pulled the shirt over his head. His erection barely contained by his boxers. She’d never been one to beg for anything, but she’d been seconds from offering him her mouth. Pleading for the privilege of sucking him off.

Conner shook his head at her with a sexy half smile on his face, as if he could read her thoughts across the room. He stopped at the metal detector and walked through after the security guard beckoned him forward. When the woman grabbed her wand and instructed him to raise his hands in the air, something ugly reared its head deep inside her. The detector hadn’t even beeped. There was no reason for the personal service. When the woman smiled at Connor and ran a hand down her ponytail, Erin propelled herself forward, boots echoing on the polished marble.

Erin hissed as she drew even with the guard. “If you’re done feeling up my boyfriend, I’d love a turn. We were in a rush this morning.”

The guard dropped the wand, letting it dangle near her thigh. “Did you just hiss at me?”

Erin hissed again.

“Okay.” Connor stepped between them, winking down at her. “We should go. Don’t want to keep the clerk waiting.”

Appreciation spread in her belly like honey. He hadn’t chided her for her behavior or apologized to the woman on her behalf. Instead he’d given the impression they were on their way to get married, appeasing her jealousy in one fell swoop. “That’s right.” She sauntered toward the elevator. “There’s vows to be exchanged. Rings to put on fingers. Shit like that.”

She glanced behind her to find Connor staring at her ass as she walked, so she put a little swing in her hips and savored his groan. Damn. She’d definitely never had this much fun at a courthouse.

A moment later, she and Connor stepped into an empty elevator. She hit the button for the top floor even though the clerk was on the first, and leaned back against the wall, looking up at him through her eyelashes. “How was your morning, baby? Was it worth leaving me in bed, all hot and bothered for you?”

“Fuck no, it wasn’t.” He crooked a big finger at her. “Climb on up here.”

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Book .5 – Riskier Business
Book 1 – Risking It All
Book 2 – Up In Smoke
Book 3 – Disguised In Danger

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