Author: Sara Shirley

Series: Barriers Series Book #4


It was just supposed to be a “friends with benefits” type of fling. Feelings were never supposed to get in the way. Drew Daley never thought Courtney Page would be the one to change all that.

He watched her walk away to pursue her own dreams while Drew’s Marine Corps orders sent him packing for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Something told him to never let her go; to fight for her and his country.

Can a decision from years ago make all the difference in one’s future?

Time has passed. People have changed. Lives have gone in different directions. Drew returns broken and torn after nearly eighteen months overseas and everything isn’t what it was when he left. Life after deployment isn’t nearly as easy to fit into as he thought. Until new friends and familiar faces enter his life and everything changes.

When his mind is trying to piece together all the puzzles surrounding his life, Cole Porter might just be the one to heal his broken heart and guide him in the right direction. However something about Cole is vaguely familiar to Drew. Despite what his head tells him he begins to get closer to her.

Will Drew finally be able to let his heart heal and move on?

Sometimes you have to face your dreams and fears all at once in order to recover. Otherwise you may never heal the broken pieces inside of you.





I received a copy of this book from HEA Book Tours in exchange for an hinest review and as part of the book’s blog tour promotions.

This series has been quite a ride. The previous books have been full of drama and tragedy and painful pasts. However, they were all resolved in the most fairy tale way possible. This book is not any different. Overall, Broken Barriers is a good book to read and it’s a fast one, so you don’t have to spend so many hours on it.

While I quite liked this book, I didn’t particularly love it. I think that the twist ruined things for me. Actually, I would have liked it better if it went the obvious way instead of how it happened. I won’t tell you what the twist was because I don’t want to run it for anybody. However, if you read the book, you’ll find out what I’m talking about. Maybe you’ll agree with me, maybe not.

What I did like about the book was the heroine. I mean, she was a great character. Even with the twist revealed in the end, she was still a truly likable character. The hero was also a great guy who suffered inside but was trying to pick himself up.

We get to see other previous main characters from the preceding books.If you’ve followed the series, you will be happy to meet familiar characters again. Broken Barriers is sure to be enjoyed by many romance readers and fans. And while it didn’t work out for me as much as I wish it did, it is still a story that is worth checking out.










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Sara Shirley

I think my love for books started when I was a teenager on summer vacations reading Mary Higgins Clark novels. As I grew older that turned into reading romance novels. Now, that’s turned into me writing three romance novels and another on the way in the series.

In college I actually majored in Geography and concentrated in Travel & Tourism. I still love to travel constantly, but now find myself working in the world of Finance during the day and writing romance novels at night.

I was born and raised just north of Boston and currently live with my husband and cat. When I’m not running a mile a minute with work and books you can find me at a local wine tasting or out with friends at the pub doing shots of Patron. I have a weak spot for candy, Ghirardelli chocolate to be exact. I am addicted to the three “C”s. Coffee, Cheese and Carbs. I grew up with an Italian family and giving those up will never be an option.

I typically have a dirty mind and zero filter between my head and my mouth. If you are around me…good luck. I’m obsessed with hockey, Oregon football, beaches, Supernatural, Friends and stupid comedy movies. I’ve been called a “tall drink of water” due to my height and love for platform heels. Chances are you will not miss me if we are ever in the same room. Just look for the chick laughing hysterically, wearing heels and holding a glass of wine in her hand. That will be me.

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