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The thing that drew me to this series was the amazing covers. I mean, I love a good book, but for authors I haven’t met yet, it’s the book cover that usually draws my attention. That said, this time, the cover and the content were all great that I am really glad I picked up the first book in the series and read it.

After Love, Chocolate And Beer, I was already a fan. Violet Duke successfully painted a picture of a small town filled with gossip crazy people but all well meaning and always concerned with each other. It was a small town where people knew each other and protected one another. I loved Cactus Creek from the very first book.

However, this book right here just may be my favorite. When Xoey and Isaac’s relationship started in the first installment, it was hard to imagine them really ending up with each other, or even getting their own book. I often felt like Isaac was too tame for Xoey.

When I started reading this book, I finally understood. It’s hard be friends with your ex, especially when you’re still in love with that person. However, it is very easy to be your significant other’s best friend. As what we see with Xoey and Isaac, remaining just friends will sooner take a toll, jealousy will soon come up, and before you know it, you’re already looking at the possibility of losing your heart and your friend as well. But….. that person you are in a relationship with, that person can also be your best friend. Things are easy if you are in a relationship with someone who knows you maybe even better than you know yourself, someone who accepts you and your faults and your quirks.

That twist toward the end? That was totally unexpected for me. I kept wondering if Xoey will get closure from her first Mr. Wrong. What Ms. Duke did with that angle was unbelievable. I also truly loved three angle on Darcy and Xoey and the tragedy that Darcy faced as well as her very touching decisions regarding Xoey.

I don’t know what else I can add to show how much I enjoyed this book. This was both sweet, romantic, heartwarming, funny, and definitely memorable. I will highly recommend this book to the whole romance world.


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Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Love, Chocolate, And Beer

Book 2 – Love, Diamonds, And Spades

Book 3 – Love, Tussles, And Takedowns

Book 4 – Love, Exes, And Ohs

Book 5 – Love, Sidelines, And Endzones

Book 6 – Love, Stilettos, And Cufflinks




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