“Sizzling hot and super emotional – the perfect combo!”
– NYT and USA Today bestselling Lauren Blakely
“Sexy, sweet, and swoon-worthy.”
– NYT Bestselling Emily Snow, author of the Devoured series. 

An Unforgettable series ending …



 I received an ARC of this book from Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s release day promotions.

It is always sad when a series is finally on its last book. It feels like a goodbye,  a finality that feels real,  even if it’s all in fiction. However,  Melody Grace’s Beachwood Bay series had nothing to be sad about. On the contrary,  this last book in the series might just be the best thing in all the BB books,  at least that’s how I feel.

Unforgettable was prequeled by Unmasked, where we meet the hero and the heroine and where there love story starts. I think you can still appreciate Unforgettable even workout reading Unmasked. However,  doing so well certainly give you a better view of the characters and their beautiful beginning.

I really liked both main characters. Ms. Grace wrote them in a way that made readers identify with them. It’s a bit of a second chance story but not quite. I mean how do you really label a relationship as a second chance if the first chance wasn’t really all too clear.

Fans of this series will really love this book. I think it’s the best way to say goodbye to a series that has been read and received by fans all over the world. It’s not a sad thing for the series to end. In fact,  it is in a way,  a celebration. If you haven’t followed the series,  you can still start worth this book. At the end of Unforgettable, I’m sure you will want to back read and start from the very beginning.



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“One night can change everything …”







“Watch out!”

The packed crowd in Jimmy’s bar suddenly shifts, and I go slamming into someone.

“Sorry!” I put my hands out to keep from falling, and a pair of strong arms grip me tightly, keeping me on my feet. “I didn’t see you—”

I look up, and the words fade on my lips. The room disappears—all the noise and jostling crowd blurring into background static.

It’s him.

Ash. The man from the masquerade party. The one who led me on a wild night of adventure—and never called me the next morning. He should be five hundred miles away, but he’s here, in the middle of the crowded bar in Beachwood Bay, looking at me like I’m a ghost.

I know how he feels. It’s impossible, it has to be. But I can feel his hands, gripping me tightly; feel the warm, solid muscle of his body against mine.

I know those hands. I’ve explored that body. There would be no mistaking them, even if I wasn’t gazing into his piercing dark eyes, the ones branded on my memory.

Oh my God.

The moment stretches, electric. Then someone slams into me again, and Ash yanks me back. Suddenly, the world rushes in again.

“What are you…?” I whisper, still not able to believe it. “I mean…”

I fight to collect myself, but before I can form a coherent sentence, Ash grabs my hand and pulls me across the room. He’s moving so fast, I can barely keep up: I hurry after him, through the crowd and down a back hallway.

“Where are we going?” I gulp, my heart racing. “Slow down. Ash!”

He ignores me, pulling me after him, up a flight of stairs, and through another door. We emerge on the rooftop, a flat expanse decorated with string lights and a view of the whole bay. I barely have time to catch my breath before Ash brings his hands to my face, pushes me back against the wall and kisses me so hard I forget my own name.


Just like before, the chemical reaction is instant: a flare of heat surging through me, so bright it blots the world, like staring straight into the sun. I part my lips, greedy for the taste of him, loving the sensual caress of his tongue as he slides it deep into my mouth.

Ash groans against me, and I arch up, wrapping my arms around his neck to pull him closer. He’s gripping me so tightly, my body is crushed against him; my back hard against the wall. He threads the fingers on one hand roughly through my hair, pinning me in place as his mouth continues its devastating exploration.

There’s no way to explain it, how my body responds to his touch. Touch-paper to a flame; igniting like never before. I run my hands through his dark hair, slide across the muscular contours of his back, gripping at his shirt and kissing him with everything I have. I can’t think, I can’t breathe, I just fall deeper into the kiss, our passion obliterating every last thought from my mind.

It’s a rush of glitter in my veins, of soaring fever and a low, aching need. Desire consumes me, hot and demanding, until suddenly, Ash wrenches free.

I gasp for air, sinking back against the wall. My legs go weak as his eyes rake over me, blazing darkly with lust. “What are you doing here?” he whispers harshly.

“I…” I can’t find the words, I’m still reeling with shock—and desire.

A shadow crosses his face. He shakes his head, looking dazed. “No,” he mutters, cutting me off. “This isn’t happening.” Before I can say another word, he turns and strides away from me, slamming the exit door with a crash. I’m left alone on the rooftop with nothing but the sound of my own beating heart.


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