I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoy anthologies. It’s always good to  read a book that has many different stories in it. Price-wise and entertainment-wise, it’s a great value. This goes without saying that for the fact alone that this book is an anthology already warrants a good rating for me.

Every Which Way is definitely a good compilation of hot, chockful, and stimulating erotica written by some of the best names in the said genre. The stories are all steamy and well written. I loved almost all of them. I had my favorites, but they were all so good, and there’s really something for everybody.

Annabel Joseph’s Loaned is definitely my favorite in the entire book. Then again, I always love her stories. It’s about a sub whose owner loans her to other doms with the goal of hearing all about it when she returns. That is until she meets the one man who doesn’t want to give her back.

Whether you are into tamer BDSM or if you like it more hardcore, or if you prefer menage or shapeshifters, there is a story for you in this book. I would most certainly say that this book is really something you should check out.

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