I received a copy of this book from Book Enthusiast Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

I don’t know what to say. I was thinking I’d get an MC romance novel with all the raw, gritty events and a scorching chemistry between the main characters. I got the first one, yes. With all the betrayal, shooting, kidnapping, and illegal shit that went on, yes, this book was definitely an MC fiction.

But the love story? I’m a little lost. There wasn’t anything about the main characters that I could like. I don’t even believe they truly loved each other. What was up with all that supposed dirty talk? I mean, talking dirty is supposed to help the arousal, the anticipation of the sensations that the steamy scenes bring. Here, though, I just found it ridiculous.

What’s with all the insta-love shit? Sure, the hero saw the heroine years before. But come on, the time they spent together was too brief, and he already loved her? Like he would sacrifice the safety of this club for her and her friend? And the ways he tries to dominate the heroine was not convincing at all.

The heroine was better. At least, she tried to appear strong even if her feelings confused her. Also, when she was kidnapped, she knew how to fight her battles and when to fight them. I wish she had a better hero to end up with. The hero in this book was just a clueless jerk who, I’m surprised, is the president of an MC.

There were many loose ends in this story that were mentioned but not resolved. For example, where’s the hero’s family now? And what happens to the crime family they approached? Also, how did the heroine’s best friend move on from what happened to her? And then, since every scene the hero and heroine had together was mostly of them arguing, how does it become an HEA in the first place? Did they magically stop fighting? Did one of them change, develop, evolve into a different person? I don’t know.

Therefore, while I liked the MC part of this book, I have to say that the whole idea of injecting romance into it was a fail. I’m sorry. but this book just did not do it for me.

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