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The Sensations Collection is definitely one of my favorite series. When I took a chance on L.B. Dunbar, I had no idea what to expect from her books. What I got was a great story with very real characters, an emotionally engaging plot, and empowering development. And I got that with every book in the series.

Sight Words is yet another book that’s beautiful and entertaining. The heroine is Tricia Carter, from three Carter clan who we all are familiar with. She is younger sister to Jess, Tom, and Pam. She is a teacher who just got out of a bad relationship. However, she was so nice because she never told anybody about the kinds of things she went through with her ex.

The hero is about three years younger then her, but a lifetime older in experience. His parents were illegal aliens who got deported, so he had to put his life on hold and take care of his two younger sisters, one of which was a rebellious teenager who refused to cooperate. On top of that, he also had ties to the gang that he was a part of.

The thing I loved about the book was that each character worked hard to get what they wanted out of life. The heroine got out of a bad relationship and built her world again, focusing on her job and students and on being a kind, person that everyone in town respected. The hero worked hard and adjusted to his situation as much as he could. I liked that in the end, even if the heroine was the first one to profess her love, it was still the hero who tried to win her, who pursued her and did everything he could to earn her love.

I also loved the support of the entire Carter clan, as well as Ella and Ethan Scott and Britton and Gavin Scott. I like the heroine’s character because even if she was in love with the hero and he broke her heart, she was still able to keep her feet on the ground and even let the hero live with her when he needed a place to stay. The thing with L.B. Dunbar’s books is that each character react to problems and challenges in the most realistic way. There is no fairy tale with her, no over the top romance. What you will always get is a guaranteed great time and a wonderful reading experience.

Reading Order [book-series]
Book 1 – Sound Advice
Book 2 – Taste Test
Book 3 – Fragrance Free
Book 4 – Touch Screen
Book 5 – Sight Words

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