I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

When I picked this book, I was thinking I had to read it before I could read the second installment. In a way, I was right. It gave me an overview of the characters and their history. Unfortunately, it Aldo turned me off of the second book.

I wanted to like this book. I really did, and I tried really hard. I just couldn’t do it.  I think there were  only two things in this book that worked for me. The first was the cover. Did you see the cover? Isn’t it really nice? The other thing that I liked about the book was the basic story, the love story between Milo and Colton.

The sad thing is that the sweet story between Milo and Colton was overpowered by all the craziness that was injected into the book. Seriously. Some moments were actually funny. Some. A lot of them just made the book too messy, too much of a circus. For all the things that happened in this book, I am really surprised that people made it out alive.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate a good comedy, even a parody. But this whole book was just filled with so many unnecessary things there wasn’t anything of substance that I was getting from it anymore. I felt like the juice was only 25% and the rest were just fillers, and not very good fillers at that.

I don’t want to be turned off from this author because I have heard lots of good things about her, and now I feel like I’m the only one who did not like this book. Maybe I will check out her books from another series or two. I hope they will make me a fan of her.

As for The Consequence Of Loving Colton, I know lots of fans will still love this book. I’m just sad that it did not work out the same way for me.

Reading Order [book-series]
Book 1 – The Consequence Of Loving Colton
Book 2 – The Consequence Of Revenge
Book 3 – The Consequence Of Seduction
Book 4 – The Consequence Of Rejection

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