I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

When I read the first book, I was kind of disappointed. I liked the general plot of the friends to lovers trope as well as the while set of new characters to meet and get to know better in future books. However, I did not like the way the story was embellished to the max to the point that I could no longer appreciate the original reason I wanted to read the book because I always had to go through seemingly endless scenes of someone being accidentally injured, someone climbing up trees and roofs, grandmothers acting crazy and chasing a guy, weddings and non-weddings and all that stuff.

So when I got Max’s book in my hand, I was anxious to start, half expecting another chaotic story and half wishing I could get through it better this time. Fortunately, I have to say that Max’s book was, in fact, better than the first. Granted, it was still kind of wild and messy, but I guess it wasn’t as bad as Milo and Colton’s book.

I didn’t think I’d like this book better because I wasn’t that sold out to Max. It was hard for me to picture him. He sounded gay most of the time, but a womanizing gay, at that. I also couldn’t imagine him being handsome, as he supposedly was.

Turns out that what I just needed was to isolate him from the circus that was his friends. Eventually, I ended up liking him a lot. I liked his book better because I liked the love story. And Max was at his best here.  Also, his heroine couldn’t have been a better girl and was a very good fit for him.

I have to warn you that if this is your first novel from this series, you might get overwhelmed by the bells and whistles and all the noise that keep getting added in the book. However, if you just focus on the most important thing, which is the love story and their journey, you’ll get a great reward.

The Consequence Of Revenge is fun, light, and entertaining. It is full of characters that will both irritate and delight you alternately. I still don’t think this is the author’s best series, but it gets the job done of occupying a reader’s time and filling it with a few hours of escape.

Reading Order [book-series]
Book 2 – The Consequence Of Revenge
Book 3 – The Consequence Of Seduction
Book 4 – The Consequence Of Rejection

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