I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

May-December love affairs are sweet and rare in written fiction. That being said,  I really liked that this book talked about a relationship between an older single mom and a younger man who was against marriage,  children,  and family.

I liked the heroine in this book. I think she was strong and off substance. I like the hero a little but not so much. I don’t think he exerted enough effort to deserve the heroine. I think things were easy for him because the heroine sort of went n after him first.

All in all,  this is a good book and an enjoyable read.  If you’ve read the books on the other Sheenan brothers,  then you’ve been waiting for this brother’s book for a while.  It is worth the wait.  It was everything you would expect from the hero. If you haven’t read the previous books, that’s fine. You will still definitely enjoy this book. However,  you may want to back read on those books afterwards.

Reading Order [book-series]
Book 1 – Christmas At Copper Mountain
Book 2 – Beauty’s Kiss
Book 3 – The Kidnapped Christmas Bride
Book 4 – The Taming Of The Bachelor

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