I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve followed this series since the very first book. so far, I’d still say that my favorite is the second book. I felt like there was a better character development in that book. The first one was too short for me to really be invested in it. In this third book, we have another bride who ran away from her wedding on the day itself.

Everything that you read in the book’s synopsis is really what you get when you read the book. There are no surprise twists. We will get the answers to our questions, but those answer’s arent a surprise at all. Regardless of its predictability, I still liked it. The book gave me an easy time, and I liked that I got to finish it fast and that it did not take me on a roller coaster of emotions. When I finished reading it, I wasn’t bawling my eyes, wasn’t angry, wasn’t disappointed. Instead, I had a quiet time myself and just enjoyed the story for what it was – a simple romance novel for a couple of hours or detachment from reality.

I also wish that the secret that the heroine swore an oath to protect wasn’t as big as it was. I mean, that thing was a big deal. It wasn’t just a lie told to a few people. It was a deception to the whole country, the whole world, probably. I wish it was resolved or something like that.

These two authors who have collaborated for this series are two well-known authors in the contemporary romance genre, so it’s no surprise that they know what they were doing with this book. While I did not LOVE the book, I liked it and enjoyed it, and I will definitely see this series through its end.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – How To Lose A Groom In 10 Days

Book 2 – The Wedding Audition

Book 3 – There Goes The Bride

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