I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I think I found myself debating what rating to give this book. I’ve read from Desiree Holt before, so I know that her books are heavily into the erotica scene, with little plot most of the time. I liked that she tried to write a sports romance this time because it’s a bit different from her usual books.

Story-wise, the general plot of this book was good. Everybody loves that unrequited love trope mixed into the best-friend’s-little-sister cliche. I am a fan of these stories. That goes without saying that I had certain expectations with this book.

Sadly, if you are looking for the usual contemporary romance where you get sweet and warm moments of the characters falling in love, then this book is not for you. I would have to say that the best thing in this book is the sex. Those scenes are hot. However, in the execution of the story, it was lacking.

Some of the conflicts did not make sense. The hero was keeping secrets. They are good secrets but him keeping them was putting him on a bad light. The heroine did not trust the hero. And for me, if there’s no trust, there’s really no love. I was hoping there would be a better development in their love story.

I liked the book. The intention behind it was good. I liked what the author tried to accomplish with the story. It may have fallen short of my expectations. However, it was still entertaining. I may have been frustrated at a time or two. But as a whole, it’s an okay kind of book, and I won’t mind reading more from this series.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Forward Pass

Book 2 – Line Of Scrimmage

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