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Hello, Woolf Jennings. How hot and kinky can you get?

Okay, so this hero is wildly kinky. Maybe not as kinky as his friend but still, he’s twisted enough to have caught my complete attention. Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting much from Wicked Fall except that it would be traipsing into the BDSM aspect with a rich cowboy who likes his sex a little edgier. That’s probably why I’m pleasantly surprised with how the book turned out.

I think it’s a good thing that Woolf wasn’t really into hardcore or traditional BDSM. He treaded into the BDSM line, but he wasn’t into that lifestyle. He just liked kink. The thing is, only very few authors can actually write good BDSM stuff, and a lot of them are just somewhere between being mediocre and trying too hard. At least, with Wicked Fall, I don’t have to expect for Woolf to be an effective dominant because he wasn’t really one.

I liked the way that the story evolved. It was perfectly balanced out with the best-friend’s-little-sister trope, the sexy sex scenes, the forbidden BDSM themed private club, and a touch of explosive menage. Mixing all those ingredients together, we get the development of the relationship and the love story between Woolf and Callie.

I will definitely recommend this book. The Wicked Horse may just be my favorite series from Ms. Bennett. Also, I have to say that the second book, Wicked Lust, is also wickedly hot and intriguing that I can hardly wait for it.

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Book 1 – Wicked Fall

Book 2 – Wicked Lust

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