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I received an ARC of this book from TRSOR in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s blog tour promotions.

If you’ve checked out my blog sometime late last year, you’d know that I binge-read Harper Sloan’s Corps Security series, and while I have a book or two which I liked, I mostly felt like the whole series was mediocre and that I’ve read other series similar to it and found them more entertaining.

However, when I read Dani and Cohen’s story as the first book in the Hope Town series, I finally found something that I really liked. Dani and Cohen were great characters and this next generation of characters (they are children of the characters from Corps Security) were absolutely very interesting. Needless to say, I loved Unexpected Fate.

Bleeding Love is now the second book in this series. I loved Liam in the first book. I liked his relationship with Dani. He was the best friend who never had any romantic feelings for her or her for him. They were simply honest-to-goodness the best of friends. I think he was the best thing in this book as well.

While I liked Bleeding Love, I felt like the story was too simple and could have been a better fit for a novella. The only thing they had to win against was Megan’s depression and her unwillingness to let go of her guilt and sadness and start living. I think a bulk of the book was spent on telling me, the reader, how they both felt, how they struggled, how they worked individually and together.

Maybe it’s just me, but the make-over obsession of the little girl on the men were a bit too much. I mean, there are many other ways to show that the men were enamored by her without having them succumb to wearing makeup. I like alpha men, and while it’s cute when manly men get soft on little girls, I think I draw the line on them wearing makeup and all that.

Anyway, I liked this book, but it was nowhere near Dani and Cohen’s book. I will still look forward to the next installment, especially since it’s supposed to be Nate’s book. I think Harper Sloan is a good author, but I still have to find something of her books that will set her apart from her contemporaries, something that nobody’s every written before.






“Last chance,” he tells me with a wicked grin.  “And this time I mean last one, darlin’.  We take this step and make no doubt about it, you will be mine.  You give me this and I fucking promise you that I will never make you regret taking that step.  You ready to jump from that chapter you’ve been skimming through and skip into mine?”

I give him a smile, one that is full of confidence and not the least bit unsure as the words that he had told me weeks before come back between us.

“I’m ready.”

“Fuck,” he groans.  “Buckle up, baby.”

My smile doesn’t slip for a second.  Not when I pull my belt across my chest.  Not when he slams the door and races to his own.  It grows wider when he slams the truck in drive and fishtails back onto the path that will take us back toward town.  It isn’t until his big hand reaches out and takes my leg in his strong hold that my smile slips slightly, but it only slips because my head falls back and I whimper and try to rub my legs together to ease the ache between them.  I lose the smile completely when my mouth drops open and that whimper turns into a loud whine as his long fingers dance up my legs until he slips beneath the hem on my shorts and pushes my panties to the side, pressing against my clit in sure movements that have me panting in seconds.

“Fucking drenched,” he grounds out through his tightly clamped teeth.

I roll my head against the headrest and look across the cab at his face.  His finger dips from my swollen clit and as he drops his hand lower, his wrist twists slightly so that when he gets there his finger slides deep inside me.

My legs spread instantly when his thick finger fills me and I hear his rumbled groan fill the space around us as he slides his finger as deep as his position allows before pulling it back, then repeating his movements until I can feel myself soaking his hand.  If he keeps this up, I won’t last.  He adds a second finger and my hand digs into the door and I reach out, wrapping my other around his forearm and choke on shattered breaths when he thrusts his fingers so deep, I feel like I’ve been electrocuted as he hits that spot that has me panting, whimpering and begging incoherently.

“Please, Lee, please,” I pant.  How I formed those words, I’ll never know.

“Fuck,” he snarls, the sound making my arousal spike even higher.  “You’ll call me that when I’m so deep inside you my balls will be soaked with this sweetness.”

His fingers curl and I pant, my hand cramping around the force of my grip.

“Please, oh God.  Not without you, please.”

I pray he understands my plea and when he curses, I know he gets me.  His hand leaves my pants and I cry out, causing him to spit out a string of curses that would make a sailor blush.  His leg slams down and I feel the truck pick up speed as I watch him take his fingers to his mouth and lick every drop of my wetness from his skin.

“Holy shit,” I exhale.

“You’re getting my mouth first, darlin’.  That wasn’t enough of a taste and fuck me, I’m starved.”

I say nothing, just continue to feel like my heart is about to slam from my chest as I continue to shift my legs back and forth in attempt to ease the burn he’s lit between my legs.


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