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Every now and then, I always find pleasure in reading a historical romance. It’s not my usual genre of choice, but if it’s with a really good author, then I don’t hesitate. Megan Frampton is one of those authors in this genre that many people already know. Her brand of historical romance is entertaining and substantial.

Put Up Your Duke features a hero and a heroine who is put into a marriage of convenience. I like the balance between the main characters. The hero knows next to nothing about being a duke and the responsibilities that come with it. The heroine, on the other hand, has lived all her life preparing to become a duchess. The hero is a citizen of the world and all its carnal pleasure. The heroine is not.

I enjoyed reading this book because of the internal struggles that both characters had. While there were instances when these internal struggles became a bit much for me, I still liked the book a lot. Also, while this book is part of the series, it is easily read as a standalone. I believe that Ms. Frampton has once again gifted us with a good, enjoyable story that her avid fans and even new readers will love.


And then, then when she felt like she might be going cross-eyed from staring so closely at his mouth, he leaned forward and pressed those lips against hers.

His fingers moved to behind her ear, holding her gently in place. His mouth felt warm and delicious, and she imagined she could feel the contact of his lips all over his body, even though they were only touching in—one, two, three places. Their mouths, his fingers behind her ear, his thigh pressed against hers.

How was one supposed to breathe? She didn’t want to exhale from her nostrils onto his face, since that seemed like it would be unpleasant, and she couldn’t exactly breathe with her mouth, since it was otherwise occupied.

Thankfully, it seemed that he had to breathe as well, since he disengaged and drew back for just a moment, giving her enough time to draw a deep breath, before returning his mouth to hers.

Only now—now it felt as though his lips were parting, and she could feel his breath in her mouth, only it didn’t seem odd at all. It felt as though they were joined together in just that one spot, breathing the same air, almost the same person.

Except that he was a very tall, very charming, apparently-very-conversant-with-such-matters duke, while she was a not as tall, very polished, but not-very-aware-of-anything-that-might-happen-between-a-man-and-a-woman duchess.

He drew back again, but only just barely. She felt her insides flutter as his eyes met hers. “You haven’t been kissed before.”

It wasn’t a question, but instead of the sharp, irked feeling she got when her mother said such things, she felt as though he’d spotted something about her no one else ever had. That no one else had ever gotten close enough to know.

That no one had been privileged to know before.

“No,” she said, shaking her head a tiny fraction.

An almost arrogant smile came across that mouth, and she felt her own mouth start to curl up in response.

“Is that some sort of thing men like? To be the first one a lady has kissed?” she asked, startled by her own boldness. Not to mention her own ability to form a sentence, given how fluttery she felt.

“Not usually.” It sounded as though he was actually pondering her question rather than giving her the expected answer. “But with you—you’re different. Somehow it feels different,” he said in a wondering tone of voice.

But before she could respond to that, he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her again, this time using his lips to coax her mouth open as well.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – The Duke’s Guide To Correct Behavior

Book 1.5 – When Good Earls Go Bad

Book 2 – Put Up Your Duke

Book 2.5 – No Groom At The Inn

Book 3 – One-Eyed Dukes Are Wild


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