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When I read the first book, it was Slate’s story that got me very interested. He was a broken hero, a good man who was so lost that it seemed impossible for him to be saved. He’s lost a lot of things in his life. Even fighting and the arena only provided a temporary fix.

Slate was a difficult hero to love because he was deeply into drugs. In the first book, Rayna wasn’t such a great character. But I loved her in this book. What she did for Slate and everything that happened to the two of them were all well played out in the book.

I always love second chance romances. I love it more if the story looks very challenging and almost impossible in the beginning. I liked this installment because there was more to the plot and the story compared to the first book. There was a real struggle in the characters – Slate on whether he could work on staying away from drugs, and Rayna on whether she could give Slate another chance or not.

If you found the first book to be a bit mediocre, you shouldn’t stop reading the series because the payoff in this book is worth it. At this point, I will definitely watch out for Zeke and Lurlene’s story, although I doubt I’d love it as much as this one.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Jax

Book 2 – Slate


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