Man. I hate emotional reads. I stay away from a Nicholas Sparks novel because my heart can’t take a beating overly dramatic love stories that see tragedy after tragedy. Nope. I like the darker stuff, yes. But if it’s written to really pinch a person’s heart, oh, well, I kind of stay away from those.

Fortunately, I took a chance on Blue Wide Sky because I knew the author has had some good books that really entertain a reader. All in all, this book about second chances and first loves had just the right amount of heartbreak and sweetness to make it a good one for me.

I never really had a typical first love, so I can’t relate to the feeling of getting a second chance with the first person you ever fell in love with. However, I found that the entire time, I was rooting for the main characters to find their way back into each other again. Their lives may already be complicated; however, I believed that they genuinely loved each other and that it was only circumstances and bad decisions that tore them apart.

I don’t know any other main characters who’ve had such difficult challenges as the two people in this book. However, I really liked how the author has shown us that two people can have such a complicated history, but if they are really meant to be, then time will bring them together again and that when that happens, no other tragedy can tear them apart anymore.

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