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We met Harper Young in the second book as the heroine’s fashionista best friend who brought her to Paris where she met the hero and eventually found love with him. This is now her book, her story. I have to say that I truly liked her in the previous book.

I can’t say that I loved her in this book. I mean, she was generally okay, but I couldn’t quite connect with her at all. The hero, Evan Donovan, was also generally good, but he wasn’t as compelling as Luc. Also, I couldn’t relate with all their internal conflicts. The hero keeps on thinking the heroine is most likely to flee. The heroine keeps thinking that the hero is never going to want a commitment. That kind of mindset on both characters last for most of the book.

Don’t get me wrong. I liked the book. I enjoyed it, and I finished it. However, I feel like there wasn’t really a big issue to begin with. All they had to do was be honest with each other. As it was, it kind of dragged a bit in the middle part, when all I got reading it was sex, the main characters from book two, and other fillers which wouldn’t have affected the book if they were removed.

Now, having said all those, I will still say that I kind of enjoyed this series. I will surely be watching out for the fourth full length novel, Breaking Hearts, which features a character who played an important part in the first book. While this series had ups and downs for me, it’s still pretty solid and is a good book to read when you’re looking for a contemporary romance that also has lots of heat in it.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Break In Two
Book 2 – Breaking Love
Book 3 – Breaking Clear
Book 4 – Breaking Hearts

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