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Hello again, Luc Chevalier. If you read the first book, then you’ve already met Luc, the sexy Frenchman, business mogul, and complicatedly honest-to-a-fault man that the first book’s heroinr met on the plane and almost had an affair with. Ever since then, that arrogant character has already intrigued me. That goes without saying that I’ve looked forward to reading this book.

I liked it that the author was consistent in writing Luc’s character. He was still very frank, which gets him into trouble, especially with the women who had brains and wasn’t just after him and his wealth. I also really liked the relationship between Luc and the heroine’s son. It was really golden.

I liked the first book in this series, but I felt that there wasn’t much that bound the main characters together, so their relationship crashed at the first sign of trouble. This second book, though, I truly enjoyed this. There was enough bond between the main characters. There were things other than sex and chemistry that held them together. I was also pleasantly surprised at the way Luc’s character was played out. From what I know of him, I would never have thought he’d end up being a sweet hero.

I think the only minor thing I liked the least was the hot and cold emotions from the heroine. I get that it was difficult for her to completely take a chance. However, when it happens one too many times in the book, it kind of gets old. Anyway, I feel like Luc and the little boy really owned this book. Well done, Ms. Summers.

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Book 1 – Break In Two

Book 2 – Breaking Love

Book 3 – Breaking Clear

Book 4 – Breaking Hearts

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