I received a copy of this book from The Write Connections in exchange for an honest review.

Readers, before you turn to the very first page, you should really heed the warning for this book. This is not your ordinary dark erotica. There is no glossed up version of a girl being kidnapped and then falling in love with her captor and then living happily ever after. Whether this book ends happily or not, you’ll have to read to find out and then decide for yourself.

I think Gabriel is the darkest main character I have ever met. Notice that I do not call him the hero. He is far from one. But he is the male main character. Amelia, well, she frustrated me at times, but her journey from being kidnapped until the person she became at the end of the book is an unbelievably difficult one that she survived.

The book is written in three POVs. You will understand why once you read the book. The author has done an amazing job of hooking you in until you don’t want to stop reading. It is actually a short read, but with all the things that happen in the book, it feels like you’ve been with it for a long time, and I mean that in a good way.

While I really liked this book, there were also some things about it that I found questionable. The end was very good. I liked the way that Bonny Capps went with the story. I liked the way the whole thing played out. Honestly, if she went the way that anybody would have expected, I would have been disappointed. However, the way that the ending happened, it was just what everybody deserved.

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