I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Montana Born Brides has entertained fans and readers for the past three books. This third book, while short, is yet another enjoyable love story under the friends-to-lovers trope. I like that world that the series writers created in Marietta. I could easily imagine myself walking into Grey’s and running into all the other characters who were already introduced.

When I met Luke in the previous book, I disliked him. If you’ve read that book, you will understand why. If you haven’t, well, you might want to read this first, so your impression of Luke won’t be affected much. Anyway, he wasn’t better in this book. I still think he’s a jerk. However, I really liked the heroine.

I will never get enough of these books with the friends-to-lovers story. The love of my life and I never started as friends, so I’m not speaking from experience. However, I can just imagine how wonderful it must be to fall in love, romantic love, with a person you’ve already loved and known for a while. I think the heroine was too good for the hero. However, they did have undeniable chemistry. Also, these losers must always have a redeeming factor, anyway, and Luke’s redemption was Melanie.

Ever since Tule Publishing gifted me copies of the last four books in this series, I have certainly enjoyed every book, loving the weddings that went on in Marietta. I think that this is one wedding series that really gives good stories. I’d recommend this book and the entire series anytime.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – The Fairy Tale Bride
Book 2 – His Blushing Bride
Book 3 – Bride By Mistake
Book 4 – Finally His Bride
Book 5 – Kiss The Bride

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