I received a copy of this book from Sizzling PR in exchange for an honest review.

When I read the blurb for Stolen Donor, I already had a hint of what the reason was why the heroine was kidnapped. There were two reasons, actually. The other was a bit difficult to believe. However, I’ve read many books with a similar premise as this one, so I know I won’t be surprised by whatever was in store.

Stolen Donor is a novel that made kidnapping end in a fairy tale. I mean, after she was kidnapped and they started having feelings for each other, the resolution was too easy. I would have liked to read something more gripping, more devastating.

I think that with stories like this, the further that the author goes from romance and happy endings, the more satisfying the book becomes. When I read Stolen Donor, I did it right before I read another book that had the same premise. That second book was more raw, darker, more sinister.

I don’t mind getting a kidnapped heroine fall in love with her captor. One of my favorite series is Anna Zaires’ Twist Me trilogy and that had the same story. However, the hero, Julian, was never painted as a good man. He was a monster. He lived and loved in his own way. There was no liking him, but there was also no way you would not love him.

The hero in this book was okay. I just wish it didn’t end with them going back home like nothing happened and him getting his liver transplant from the heroine’s twin sister.I felt like after everything, all he could have just done was approach her get her trust and come clean.

I didn’t see any consistency with the kidnapping, though. I mean, from being a wealthy, lonely and sick man, when did he decided he was going to kidnap the heroine? Before that, was there anything in him at all that could possibly turn him into a kidnapper who seduces a young girl, makes her fall in love with him, gets her pregnant, and then needs her for one of her organs. I don’t know. I wanted it to work for me, but when I read the other book I had, I realized that was more believable than this.

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