I received a copy of this book from Romance Beckons in exchange for an honest review.

We are finally in the third book of Normandie Allen’s Pirates of The Jolie Rouge Trilogy. I find it a bit sad that the trilogy is at an end. However, this third books is certainly a great way to end the whole story and saga of Gaston and Freddie.

I like pirate novels because they always sound sexy and hot and forbidden. The author of this series has successfully created what is probably one of the steamiest pirate romance novels in this age.Gaston is one kinky pirate, but he was also a great lover to Freddie.

I think this book would be my favorite in the series. of course, I usually have the tendency to favor the last installment of a serial because it’s when the best things happen – the resolution and the HEA. With this book, though, it’s not just the fact that it’s the third book. I favor this book because the character developments in this book were all well-written.

I’d gladly recommend this book to any romance reader, especially if you like pirates and historical romance. I, myself, may even re-read this series at some point in the future.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Rescued By The Buccaneer

Book 2 – Bound By The Buccaneer

Book 3 – Tamed By The Buccaneer

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