I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I will be reviewing this trilogy as a whole here in the blog, but I will be posting separate Goodreads reviews for each installment.

Gilded Lily is a good beginning. It introduces you the the trilogy’s heroine, Lily Baron – a woman who caught her fiance and her sister in bed the day before her wedding. This starts her story of coming into her own, finding sex, affairs, love, real friendships, and self discovery.

This first installment became much more interesting to me when Gustavo was introduced. I didn’t like him for the heroine, but I understood the appeal. I think it made me both like and dislike Lily for falling for a man like Gustavo who was very much married and didn’t even have any remorse about cheating on his wife and children. I felt like how the first book ended was exactly what Lily deserved.

Calla Lily was a bit in the middle. With the previous book, I sort of lost a little respect for Lily. But I have to commend her with this second book because she tried to be strong and stand on her own and over see her family’s company. of course, there’s a lot of sex again. Don’t get me wrong, I like my books hot and dirty. If the main characters are written to have sex until they’re raw, I don’t care. However, I also want substance in the story.

While Calla Lily did have a substantial story, and the author’s intent is obvious, I still feel like too much of the story was focused on the sex life instead of focusing on Lily’s character development. As it happens, her growth seem to happen all of a sudden. From the rich, naive finace of a cheater, to a sexually dissatisfied woman who just discovered to joys of sex, to a woman who has becom a cheater herself, and to a woman whose career has just become more demanding, the transitions didn’t seem fluid to me. Anyway, despite all that, I’d still definitely read the last installment of the trilogy and find out how Lily’s story ends.

In Tiger Lily, we now see a fiercer, bolder, more mature Lily. I think this is the only book where I liked her. When i first started this series, I really thought I’d love Lily’s character. Unfortunately, I was wrong there. The first book turned me off of her. The second book didn’t really help my perception of her. This last book has made me at least understand that her character wasn’t perfect, but it was still a good thing to read about her growth.

I liked Alejandro. He was stable, reliable, and strong. He wasn’t like other men that Lily slept with. The ending of Tiger Lily may have been a bit unresolved, but I hope to still see her and Alejandro in the future books that will feature Dahlia and Violet. While this trilogy hasn’t been as satisfying as I would have liked, it ended on a good note, so I guess the three-book strategy paid off, although I wish this was just one whole book. Anyway, I guess if you are looking for a fast read that you can easily finish, then this trilogy is a good place to start.


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