I fell in love with this series because of Fury. I mean, you have got to hand it to an alpha male who will do just about anything to keep and protect the woman he loves. Also, who wouldn’t love a male who will never stray and, in fact, gets agitated when another woman tries to seduce him? At least, these New Species heroes will never cheat, right?

However, it was Justice North who will always be my favorite out of all of them. Maybe it has something to do with my tendency to go for the alpha males, the leaders, the ones who give commands. It’s just that I enjoyed Justice’s book more than I ever enjoyed the rest of this series. Of course, I also love Fury and Slade, but Justice is my number 1.

I think that for the first four books of this series, things were the best and most promising. I noticed that toward the later installments, it wasn’t quite as enjoyable anymore. It seemed formulaic, like you’ve already read the later books and they were just being recycled, with new heroes and heroines.

I am a fan of Laurann Dohner, and I believe her books are some of the best and most entertaining in the sci-fi-, erotic romance genre. I’ve followed this series since book 1, and now all the way to the most recent release. I know that Ms. Dohner is slowing it down for health purposes, but I truly hope she comes up with an explosive book in this series again soon.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Fury

Book 2 – Slade

Book 3 – Valliant

Book 4 – Justice

Book 5 – Brawn

Book 6 – Wrath

Book 7 – Tiger

Book 8 – Obsidian

Book 9 – Shadow

Book 10 – Moon

Book 11 – True

Book 12 – Darkness

Book 13 – Smiley






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