I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

When that very popular trilogy that featured a billionaire dom and an innocent and virginal heroine/submissive took the world by storm (yes, I mean 50 Shades of Grey), it opened doors for so many BDSM authors to be recognized and for new authors to venture into this genre and make writing careers out of it.

Corrine A. Silver is a new author. However, I definitely enjoyed Wrecked more than I’ve enjoyed many other BDSM books I’ve come across. I liked the hero, Xander. I think he was just the right amount of dominance and fuck up to make him interesting and hot. The heroine was also a great character. She was independent and strong but was sexually submissive enough to be good for the hero.

What I liked about this book was that it showed that many people get colored and haunted by their pasts. We all have our skeletons. We all have that mistake that ruins us and sinks as to the lowest that we can get. but we can always get back up. We can always find that one person who is strong enough and will love us enough to not care about the past and only care about the present and the future. I am glad that Leda and Xander ended up with each other. I enjoyed their journey, and I think that this is one book I can definitely recommend.

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