I received an audio copy of this book from Barclay Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

Shifter romance novels are usually thrilling and sexy. I think it’s the animal within all of us that calls and relates to shifters. We are all wild by nature, after all. Humans just have this consciousness. That’s also probably the reason why I like reading a shifter novel every now and then.

I chose to binge on Lia Davis’ Ashwood Falls series because they are quick. I can listen to them and finish a book in less than a day. The audiobook for A Tiger’s Claim also contains the short novella called Winter Eve, and it felt like a good bonus to the series. I liked A Tiger’s Claim because I liked Shayna when she was introduced in Winter Eve. I liked that she was the pack princess. The story was short and fast. One minute the main characters were strangers. The next minute, they were now mates. Oh well, I guess that’s how it is in the shifter world. It’s not the best shifter book out there, but it is still entertaining and steamy, so I guess I’mm still happy with this book.

The narrator of this book did a good job in narrating the story. I liked listening to her. She was able to portray both male and female characters in a believable manner. Her speech was very clear and her enunciation was perfect. I think she’s one of the better narrators that I’ve listened to, so far.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 0.5 – Winter Eve

Book 1 – A Tiger’s Claim

Book 2 – A Mating Dance

Book 3 – Surrendering To The Alpha

Book 4 – Divided Loyalties

Book 4.5 – Touch Of Desire

Book 5 – A Leopard’s Path

Book 5 – Jaguar’s Judgment

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