The Ice Princess Too Cold to Marry? – A Pink Penn Exclusive!

Pink Penn here with some earth shattering news!

The biggest wedding of the year—that I was sadly overlooked when the invites went out—ended in the spectacle of the century. The original Ice Princess and heiress to the glittery throne that is the De Winter Dynasty, Anika was seen leaving her own wedding—ALONE.

For the past year we’ve heard about nothing but the whirlwind romance between Anika De Winter and Joshua Rhys-Jones, the gorgeous heir of the largest rivals to the De Winters. Speculation has been rife about whether or not it was true love (as they would have you believe). Pyramus and Thisbe. Tristan and Isolde. Romeo and Juliet. They’ve been compared to them all…but I haven’t been convinced.

For two adults to whip out the pre-nup so fast, and then head for the aisle—in this day and age!—I would have bet on money being the true reason behind it all. Or a little bundle of joy. But with the economy being what it is (look at me I sound like I actually know a thing or two!) and with my sources telling me their families businesses are losing money hand over fist, a smart move would be to merge the two empires. And like the royals of old, and probably a few now, they went ahead and did just that.

Only it didn’t happen.

Apparently, Icy Anika showed up in her understated Donna Karan only to find that the groom had hightailed it out of there before the ‘I dos’ could be traded. Anika exited the site after about an hour. I was told she was behind locked doors for most of it but when she emerged, she looked paler than usual but there were no tears or hysterics. Doesn’t quite seem right does it? How could anyone react so calmly when their true love just walked out on their wedding?

What was the cause of his hasty departure? Was it because the heiress just couldn’t be thawed? Or was there another woman in the wings?

We’ll just have to wait to find out.


I was just at Ms De Winter’s building and keeping to tradition, she refused to comment. Didn’t even deign to get out of the limo to talk to her adoring public. She just simply stared at us from behind her Jackie O sunglasses and commanded her driver to keep going.

To where? you might ask. Rumour has it she’s been seen at Heathrow with miniscule luggage boarding a flight to the Cote d’Azur. Could this mean she’ll be skinny dipping in the French Riviera before long?


I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s blog tour promotions.

I was introduced to the Totally 5 Star line a few months ago, and I liked the concept of the series. I especially wanted to read about Luca Rossi the moment I was introduced to him. Additionally, I have also read from Kait Gamble before, and I really enjoy her style.

That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that I truly liked Breaking Rossi’s Rules. First of all, the main characters were explosive together. They just had that chemistry that I enjoyed. The hot loads of sex scenes probably upped my love for this book as well. Lastly, I liked the story of this book.

Out of the fast, steamy reads I’ve read so far this year, I think this rates way up than most. It’s not going to be the best book of the year for me, but I have to say that it was well worth the time I spent reading and enjoying every page. Good job to the author for providing us readers with a relatable, luxurious, and sexy romance that definitely entertains her fans and readers.


Anika stared out over the water, her second—or was it her third?—espresso in hand, as she watched the sun creep over the horizon. Just like the sunset the night before, it was awe-inspiring. The bands of pink slowly warmed into orange and gold until fingers of sunlight stretched up and turned the sky the blazing blue that captivated her. How did anyone who lived here get anything done? She would probably waste the daylight hours staring out at the harbor and the nights gazing up at the mesmerizing sparkle of the stars. What was it about this place that made even the most mundane thing seem extraordinary?

Over her restless night, she had come to the conclusion that Monaco wove a spell on her that made her think that everything was more magical—including a kiss from a man she didn’t know. She’d even spent part of the night searching the Internet for information to prove herself right about him. The only thing she had to go on was business sites that touted him as the best thing to ever venture into capitalism and trashy scandal sheets that had him painted as a rake and scandalous playboy.

Anika knew just how much faith to put into those reports. They were on the same pages that showed her ‘traumatized’ from Joshua’s abandonment. He seemed to be another favorite topic for Pink Poison. The very same blogger that loved to hound Anika. And she knew just how much ‘research’ that woman did for her stories. She had put the phone down not knowing if she was more disgusted by the life he was supposed to lead or the woman who penned all the awful stories.


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