I received an ARC of this book from TRSOR in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s blog tour promotions.

I was really excited for this book. The blurb, the authors, the hot cover all seemed to guarantee a perfect 5-star read. Honestly, I would have rated it five red hearts. I enjoyed it. I laughed at some of the scenes. I felt bad for both main characters for some scenes too. However, there were just some issues that I had a hard time getting over.

[spoiler]The first part of the book was amazing. The pacing was fast. From the main characters meeting, to them traveling together, to them being friends, and then falling in love and all that. When the love affair ended, everything went downhill from there. The moment it was revealed what happened, I felt sorry for the hero. When he did everything to win the girl back, I cheered for him, and I wanted to bitchslap the girl 50 times. I just couldn’t support her stringing him along and her boyfriend too. I mean, she keeps saying that she did not want to cheat on a good man. Hello, everything she did the moment Chance came back was already cheating, maybe not the physical sex kind of cheating, but it was still cheating in every freaking book. I am not against cheating. What I am against is the hypocrisy. Not wanting to cheat but doing it and not even admitting to it. Wanting to keep the hero but not wanting to let go of the boyfriend. Keeping the hero a secret but spending a lot of time with him, even giving him a key to her house. The heroine did many other things that I don’t think I’d care to mention because it will just waste my time.[/spoiler]

Bottom line, this book and this story that started out so great and so promising just didn’t cut it for me in the end. I mean, it even got as far as me not caring if they ended up together. Honestly, I wanted the hero to give up and move on and break the heroine’s heart all over again, just so she’ll know exactly what she lost.

I am still going to give it three red hearts because I did like it. I liked the first half of it. I just wish it was played out better after that.


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