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I truly liked Lia Riley’s first book in the Brightwater series. I mean, I’ve read other books from her, but I really liked this series more than anything she’s written. The men are real men who aren’t afraid of putting their heart on the line and going after the women they want. I think there is no braver man that one who can fight for love.

This second book is about two opposites falling in love with each other – a rich girl and a cowboy. I mean, that doesn’t sound like a relationship that can withstand challenges, right? However, you will surely love the hero of this book for being strong and for winning the girl. While I enjoyed the first book’s second chance trope, Right Wrong Guy has the tension and sizzling chemistry of the opposites attract cliche.

I loved both books equally but with different reasons. Right now, I won’t say I already found a series favorite because we’re only two books into the series. However, these two books are sweet and wonderful reads that I’m happy to recommend to friends. I look forward to more books and more heroes who are guaranteed to capture any reader’s heart.


Archer Kane plucked a dangly gold nipple tassel off his cheek and sat up in the king-sized bed, scrubbing his face. Overturned furniture, empty shot glasses, and champagne flutes littered the hotel room while a red thong dangled from the flat screen. He inched his fingers to grab the Stetson resting atop the tangled comforter. The trick lay in not disturbing the two women snoring on either side of him. Vegas trips were about fillies and fun—mission accomplished.


“What the?” A dove dive-bombed him, swooped to his left, and perched on the room-service cart to peck at a peanut from what appeared to be the remnants of a large hot fudge sundae.

Who knew how a bird got in here, but at least the ice cream explained why his chest hair was sticky and, farther below, chocolate-covered fingerprints framed his six-pack. Looked like he had one helluva night. Too bad he couldn’t remember a damn thing. He should be high-fiving himself, but instead, he just felt dog-tired.

He emerged from beneath the covers and crawled to the bottom of the bed, head pounding like a bass drum. As he stood, the prior evening returned in splintered fragments. Blondie, on the right cuddling his empty pillow, was Crystal Balls aka the Stripping Magician. The marquee from her show advertised, “She has nothing up her sleeve.” Dark-hair on the left had been the assistant … Destiny? Dallas? Daisy? Something with a D.

How in Houdini they all ended up in bed together is where the facts got fuzzy.

A feather-trimmed sequined gown was crumpled by the mini bar and an old-man ventriloquist’s dummy appeared to track his furtive movements from the corner. Archer stepped over a Jim Beam bottle and crept toward the bathroom. Next mission? A thorough shower followed by the strongest coffee on the strip.

Coffee. Yes. Soon. Plus a short stack of buttermilk pancakes, a Denver omelet, and enough bacon to require the sacrifice of a dozen hogs. Starving didn’t come close to describing the hollow feeling in his gut, like he’d run a sub-four-hour marathon, scaled Everest, and then wrestled a two-ton longhorn. His reflection stared back from the bathroom mirror, circles under his green eyes and thick morning scruff. For the last year a discontented funk had risen within him. How many times had he insisted he was too young to be tied down to a serious committed relationship, job … or anything? Well, at twenty-seven he might not be geriatric, but he was getting too old for this bed-hopping shit.

“What the hell are you doing?” he muttered to himself.

The facts were Mr. Brightwater wasn’t looking his best. His second cousin, Kit, gave him that nickname after he graced the cover of a “Boys of Brightwater” town calendar last year to support the local Lions Club. He’d been February and posed holding a red cardboard heart over his johnson to avoid an X rating, although as his big brother Sawyer dryly noted, “Not like most women around here haven’t already seen it.”

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Last First Kiss

Book 2 – Right Wrong Guy

Book 3 – Best Worst Mistake


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