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let’s just be honest, when it comes to historical romance, we’ve all heard of Lynsay Sands. If you haven’t well, you should check ehr out right away. you can’t really say you’re a fan of the genre if you haven’t heard of one of its most popular authors. I mean, with the number of HR books she’s published, she deserves to be known.

Okay, so enough with the praise. I just had to start with that because I want to make sure you understand why I truly enjoyed this book. First of all, it’s Lynsay Sands, you can’t go wrong. Even her bad books are still good books at the end of the day. Also, I really liked the story here. The main characters were perfect for each other.

I liked how the hero and the heroine were together. The added thrill of a dangerous enemy against the two of them just made the book more enjoyable. I’m not the biggest fan of HR, but for some authors, I gladly make exceptions. Lynsay Sands would be one fo those authors. I know that when I pick up her book, I will have a great time. Even in other genres, she always makes her books enjoyable for her readers.

If you haven’t read anything from the Highlander series, it’s fine. You will still enjoy this book to its fullest. Let me just say, though, that you may end up looking for the previous books and reading them as well because of the fun you’ll have with The Highland Takes A Bride. If you’ve always followed this series and this author, then, there shouldn’t be any reason for you to miss this book.


“A lady does no’ climb trees.”

“Ye’ve told me that three times now, lad,” Saidh responded dryly, shifting her foot up to the next branch and hauling herself upward.

“Aye, but ye’re still doing it, so I thought mayhap ye had no’ heard me,” Alpin said sharply. When she didn’t respond to that, he added, “I could climb up there to pick the apples and throw them down, ye ken.”

“Then there would be no one to catch them,” Saidh pointed out.

“I was thinking mayhap ye could stay below and catch them, as a lady should,” he said, sounding much put upon.

Saidh plucked the apple she’d been climbing to and glanced down to see where the boy was before dropping it in his direction. Once Alpin had caught it, and set it with the others they’d already gathered, she started to climb down and asked, “Just how old are ye, Alpin?”

“Nine,” he said proudly.

“Hmmm,” she muttered, easing down another branch. “Ye act ninety.”

“Laird MacDonnell says the same thing,” Alpin announced with disgust.

“Then we are in agreement,” Saidh said cheerfully, easing down another branch.

“I suspect the two o’ ye would agree on a lot o’ things,” Alpin said sounding annoyed.

“I suspect yer right,” Saidh said with a laugh and jumped to the ground. She took a moment to brush her hands together, then released her skirt from where she’d caught it up and stuck it through her belt for the climb, then beamed at the boy and said, “Is that no’ nice?”

“Nay,” Alpin assured her heavily. “I’m thinking ’tis a bad thing.”

Her eyebrows rose in surprise. “Why is that?”

“Because ye both just go about doing as ye wish with little regard fer how a laird or lady should behave,” he said firmly. “Someone needs to take the two o’ ye in hand and teach ye—What the devil are ye doing now?” he interrupted himself to ask with dismay when Saidh moved over to the apples, caught her skirt up and knelt to begin placing the apples in the bag-type affair she’d made of her skirt.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – An English Bride In Scotland

Book 2 – To Marry A Scottish Laird

Book 3 – The Highlander Takes A Bride


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