I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book originally came out over thirty years ago. I think this is the reason why the whole atmosphere of the book felt dated for me. I mean, sure, I’m reading a historical romance novel. However, the more recently published historical romances sound more advanced in both plot and character buildup than this one.

The general idea of the is actually good. In a society where reputation and purity was important, being caught in not-so-flattering-position with a known rake is a big scandal that may lead to a shotgun marriage. The characters were actually interesting. A proper lady and a man who has no regard for propriety. A complete opposites attract kind of love. Unfortunately, the way the characters were played out fell flat. It’s like they were already very intriguing, but the author lacked the follow through to keep a reader’s interest.

I wish that I liked this book more. I found it okay and good enough. But it’s not really something that’s going to remain on my mind for a long time. If you are a huge fan of historical romance, you may still enjoy this book. It is, after all, written many years ago, so that alone is historical in itself.

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