I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I wasn’t able to read this book when it first came out in 2009. Actually, at that time, I don’t think I was really into the historical romance genre, so even if I did hear about this back then, I doubt that I would have read it. Fortunately, my tastes have evolved over the years, so I am now here, reviewing this book for all of you.

It was a pretty short book. The pacing was of course, fast, but there was a full story on it, so it was a solid, complete read. The heroine rocked that book, at least, the way heroines could rock in historical times. Her first love left her and failed to fight for her. She was married off to an older man in exchange for money, land, and power. But she survived that.

Now, her first love was contracted by her dying husband to get her with child, to solidify her hold on their land and territory. I think that made her even more kickass in my book. For the heroine alone, I’d definitely recommend this book. When the main conflict happened, she singlehandedly solved the problem too. I would give this book three red hearts because while I loved the heroine and the sex scenes were hot, I was disappointed with the hero. I don’t remember him doing much except make the heroine pregnant. Even so, while he was doing that, he still had every intention of leaving her. I don’t know, he kind of ruined the book for me. I would still read the rest of the books in this series because they seem to be equally hot and filled with adventure. Here’s to anticipating another good read.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – At Her Service

Book 2 – For Her Honour

Book 3 – With Her Kiss

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