I received an ARC of this book from Reading In Sarah’s Corner in exchange for an honest review.

In Marry Me For Money, Brian was the great guy, the office mate who had his heart broken when the book’s heroine chose to marry her best friend, even if it was all pretend. We finally have his book this time. I really felt bad for Brian in the previous story. He seemed to be a great guy, an all-around nice guy who was every girl’s dream.

In this book, we get to know him better. I wish the heroine was someone else, but okay, if it had to be Kendall, who also happened to be the best friend of the woman who previously broke Brian’s heart, then fine. I guess I’ll just have to accept that. The heroine wasn’t my favorite character. I couldn’t really determine if she was an intelligent career woman who had a traumatic experience with an ex boyfriend and was not covering up the fear and hurt by being too casula about sex or if she was this small town girl who believed in fortune tellers and signs and secretly dreamed of fairy tale romances.

The thing I liked about this story was that the heroine was the one who ran after the hero when she realized she made a mistake. I wish she’d groveled more, but well, if that was how things were going to be, then fine again. I guess I really can’t complain much. I think I liked this book better than Marry Me For Money because while the heroine was all sorts of stupid for letting the hero go at first, she wasn’t as dense and as self centered as the previous heroine and I felt more depth out of her.

In this book, we also get teased with an unfinished business type of romance between Brian’s best friend and his little sister. I think I am going to watch out for the book, if it ever gets written and published. I think that from the first book to The Scheme, the writing has become better, the character development was better too. Mia Kayla is certainly on an upward trend, and I’m looking forward to seeing more books from her in the future.

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