I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Here I am with another International Bad Boys novel. I obviously have a thing for bad boys. I just enjoy this series because the men are all alpha males who are dominant, strong, and protective of their women. I also like the fact that these stories don’t intertwine much, and the main characters come from all parts of the world.

This book’s hero is a former special forces agent who now works as a famous photographer and moonlights as a recovery agent. Very dangerous man. The heroine is a simple single mom who has a bridal salon and designs dresses while her business partner and cousin sews them. On theory, they didn’t sound like a good match, but I like that the heroine used to be a wilder woman because she was able to stand up to the hero.

One of the best things I liked about this book was the heroine’s daughter. She was funny without even trying, and I personally think she could grow up to be as wild as her mom. Again, I am entertained by a book that has an almost clean quality to it. It’s a formulaic book, one which has its story used over and over, but it never fails to entertain. This is a good book that can be read as a standalone if you haven’t checked out the nine other bad boys in the series.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – No Rest For The Wicked
Book 2 – Never Seduce A Sheikh
Book 3 – Born To Be Bad
Book 4 – Sympathy For The Devil
Book 6 – A Deal With The Devil
Book 8 – Pursued By The Devil
Book 9 – Claimed By The Warrior

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