I received an audio copy of this book from Barclay Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

Here I am again with yet another audio book review of the Ashwood Falls series. I think this book, A Rebel’s Heart is another good one. It’s about a second chance, a nother shot at love. The hero is the heroine’s dead mate’s best friend. Up until recently, she thought that the hero died with her mate. The hero stands by his promise to keep the heroine safe.

I kind of like the shifters in Ashwood Falls. They are all peace loving and treat each other like one big family. They may have dangerous enemies, but they always stand together. Their alpha is a good male. Their enforcers are brave people. I think that at first, this series felt just like any other shifter series for me. Eventually, the characters and the story grew on me, and I started enjoying each book more than the one before.

Lia Davis truly knows her craft, especially when it comes to shifters and the paranormal romance genre. Her characters have strength, steam, and appeal. While this series is not one of the most popular shifter series out there, the Ashwood Falls series is still just as enjoyable. Listening to the story on audio, of course, is a treat because I get to really hear how the characters talk. Good job for both the author and the narrator.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 0.5 – Winter Eve

Book 1 – A Tiger’s Claim

Book 2 – A Mating Dance

Book 3 – Surrendering To The Alpha

Book 3.5 – A Rebel’s Heart

Book 4 – Divided Loyalties

Book 4.5 – Touch Of Desire

Book 5 – A Leopard’s Path

Book 5 – Jaguar’s Judgment






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