I received an ARC of this book from InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s blog tour promotions.

We all know Lorelei James writes hot, sexy cowboys who have hot, sexy sex with their women (those women are either kickass, sweet, hot, but are all amazing). Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprised if you read this novella and end up loving it.

From the first chapter, you get loads of sexual tension from this story’s main characters. They are both sexually adventurous people who aren’t afraid of admitting that they enjoy sex and aren’t into the settling down frame of mind yet. And what steamy scenes they have.

It’s not just about that, though. From the get go, you immediately get the feeling that these two main characters were hungry for a deeper connection, a real relationship. But they were both too afraid and too insecure to reach go for it. That tension just makes any reader root for them as soon as you get to know the characters. I love the fast but realiztic way that the love story developed. This is another greatly entertaining and sexy love story from Ms. James that her fans will love. Even new readers will be fans of her after this book. She has a way with cowboys and western stories that make them seem tangible. This novella is a must read.


Talk about floored.

Wyn was glad to have several hours to try to sort through everything. But by the time he pulled into his driveway just after dark, he was more than ready to put it all aside and focus on the sweet, hot and sexy redhead he hadn’t been able to get out of his mind the past thirty-six hours. The sweet, hot and sexy redhead who was in his house right now. The sweet, hot and sexy redhead who had left the porch light on for him.

Warmth spread through him. It made him a f*cking sap, but he hadn’t had anyone leave the light on for him since he lived at home. And if the woman had cooked supper? He might just propose to her.

He was so eager to see her he didn’t haul in his suitcase. He took the steps two at a time and burst through the door. From the foyer, while he took off his boots, he yelled, “Honey, I’m home.” When he rounded the corner, Melissa stood in his living room, her wild curls pulled back into a ponytail. She wore a workout top that showcased her tits, yoga pants—thank you baby Jesus for the genius who invented those mother*ckers—and her feet were bare. She looked completely at home in his home.

“Hey. How was the drive?”


“How’s your dad?”

“Better than we thought, on the road to a full recovery and makin’ big plans.” He started to stalk her. “Tell me, little redheaded riding girl, what’s that delicious smell?”

“I cooked stir-fry but the rice isn’t done yet.”

“Good. We have time.”

Melissa took a step back. “For?”

“For you to tell me why you were trespassing in my kitchen.”

“Are you the big bad wolf, Wynton?”

“Yes.” He continued slowly moving forward. “Here’s where you say, ‘Oh my, what big teeth you have.’”

Her gaze zeroed in on his mouth. “Why are you licking your lips?”

“Because you look mighty tasty.”

“But I cooked!”

“Don’t want food, Red. I want you.” Then he was looming over her. The sexy glint in her eyes widened his predatory grin. “Strip off them britches.”

Her half-hearted “No” had him wrestling her to the floor. He hovered on all fours above her. “Don’t be scared, Red. My big teeth and long wicked tongue are all the better to eat you with. Now take off those pants or I’ll tear them off.”

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