I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Smut. This describes the book to a T. It’s all kinds of smut. Straight smut. Gay smut. Bi smut. Kinky smut. Alient smut. However, I enjoyed this smut. The storyw as actually promising. Human woman from earth gets imprisoned and sentenced to death on another planet. She meets a male who offers her another chance to live if she lives through the things he will ask her to do. Of course, the chance at survival is strong, so she agrees. There starts a grueling time of physical and sexual discipline and training. The reason for all of her training was so she and five other males and survive a week of alien examination, a deal that was struck between the aliens and the planet’s government. Of course, it is because of the heroine’s strength and perseverance that made the hero fall in love with her.

I actually appreciated the story more than the smut. I mean, there were really hot scenes, but there were also instances when the sex scenes actually felt clinical for me, like they were put in place just for the smut factor, just so you can really define the book as smut. I actually felt like skipping some of those pages because I was more interesting in the aliens and the tributes and the character development.

I like this series. I think I will read on to the next book, which is heavily a gay erotic romance. The main character for the next book played a huge part in this book, so I want to read more about him and see what happens when he meets his match. If you lie heavy kink and not really care about particulars, this book will work great. It is sure to entertain smut lovers as well as fans of the LGBTQ genre.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Sacrifice

Book 2 – Retribution

Book 3 – Triumph

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