I remember the first time I read a Laurann Dohner book. It hooked me in right away. At that time, I wasn’t really a fan of the science fiction erotic romance yet. But she changed that. When I read her books, I knew that I have just been introduced to a new genre for me to enjoy.

When I read the first book in this series, I knew I was going to follow it for every installment that came out. This book is only the second book. Personally, I have to say that the first half of the New Species books are the best. Everything else after the first half just isn’t as good. However, because I am already a fan, I still follow this series very closely.

Slade’s book was funny and annoying. The first part had Slade acting like a jerk. He was a bit rude and fresh. He won me over when he and Trisha were running for their lives, and he was the perfect alpha male who was strong and protective. After that ordeal, he went back to being a jerk, especially when Trisha first came to Reservation.

All in all, I still loved the book because a lot of this happened in the story. It wasn’t just a case of male meets human female, falls in love, fights the bad humans, and lives happily ever after. There was the initialy animosity, the attack, the running and surviving in the woods, the rescue, the pregnancy, the second attack, and everything in between. I also really liked Trisha because she was a strong and fierce woman. I think that aside from Justice, Slade’s book would be my second favorite in the series.

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