I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Everybody loves a good best-friend-to-lovers story. This book is the perfect example of a sweet story between two friends where the hero loves the heroine so much that he sets out to help her be noticed by the guy she wants. To do that, the main characters set out to pretend that they were seeing each other. The reason this was supposed to help was that the man she was eyeing would finally see her as someone dateable and, of course, because of the rule that men always want what they can’t have, what already belongs to someone else.

I enjoyed witnessing how the dynamics of their relationship changed from being friends to secretly feeling something, to admitting what they both felt. I really liked the hero in this story because even if he was described to be a little kinky, he wasn’t the alpha dominant type who acted like a caveman toward the heroine. In fact, he was very subtle with his feelings that the heroine barely suspected anything.

Overall, this is actually a common story that romance readers have probably read many times over. However, this book still does not fail to entertain. It’s a feel good book that features a sort of kinky hero, an unaware heroine, a manwhore best friend, and a whole bunch of nice people that surrounded the main characters. No need for drama here, folks, It’s all just easy and clean fun with this one.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – His Obsession Next Door

Book 2 – His Trouble In Tallulah

Book 2.5 – His Strings To Pull

Book 3 – His Taste Of Temptation

Book 4 – His Moment To Steal

Book 5 – His Best Friend’s Girl

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