I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I read Treasured Secrets, and I truly enjoyed that book. I love the adventure, the love story, and the villains that got in the way of the main characters. It’s no surprise that I’d read this book too, since it is a continuation of Archer and Rosalina’s story. I really liked them in Treasured Secrets, mostly because I like second chance love stories.

In this book, the conflict isn’t really about their feelings or their relationship. I think after Treasured Secrets, it was already a given that they were in love and belonged together. However, their happy ending keeps getting sidetracked. Villains don’t die. Just like in movies, the villains always live to see another day, always get another chance to hurt the main characters.

Like the first book, I also really enjoyed Treasured Lies. Everything that you need in a good book is here, romance, adventure, conflict, drama, they’re all present. This is one book that’ll surely give any reader a good time, especially if a reader is looking for a story with the right amount of thrill and suspense and a whole lot of treasure hunting.

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