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I swear this series just keeps getting better with each installment. I initally liked the first book, Last First Kiss, because of its second-chance-romance story. Then, the second book, Right Wrong Guy, was a great opposites-attract story that I also hugely enjoyed. However, this book, Best Worst Mistake, comes along and snuffed its predecessors out. I mean, this hero and this heroine, there’s nothing else to say about them but good things.

The story was sweet and touching. There were sad little parts, but they were worth it because the payoff that you get in the ending is more than good. It’s very, very good. I think their story is the one I love the best in this series. The main characters in this book are also the ones I love the best in the series. I believe Lia Riley just surpassed herself with this book.

Honestly, I’ve read other books from this author before. However, this series is really my favorite from her. Brightwater books have sentiment, emotion, a slightly complex story and well-developed characters who have all been through some tough times but have found love and meaning in Brightwater. I seriously recommend this book. You can read this on its own, but why not read the entire series as well? I can guarantee that they’re all going to be memorable reads.



It had been a while since he’d been in the company of any woman who wasn’t a medical professional or intimately involved with his brothers. Also, as much as he didn’t want to admit it, he had a type and this forward, strong-looking woman fit it right down to that thick wavy brown hair pulled back at the nape of her long sexy neck.

Necks were underrated female geography. He loved how they tasted when he kissed them there, how they smelled as he nuzzled.

Equally fascinating was her lush mouth, how the corner remained quirked on one side despite the natural pout, as if in perpetual secret amusement.

This woman was bright, spunky, and happy, despite her father’s miserable situation. His heart sank. He had nothing to offer someone like her, not when his whole world had burned to a cinder.

He shook himself inwardly, not moving a muscle. No point succumbing to the ugly truth, however true. Maybe he could pretend to be a normal guy for the night. Normal except for the scars, the missing leg, and the fact he hadn’t spoken to a living soul since Sawyer dropped off his groceries six days ago, and was tongue-tied around strangers at the best of times.


What would Archer do? His younger brother was good with people, especially the ladies. He’d navigate this situation like a pro.

She gave him a tentative smile, probably because he was staring at her like a loon.

Compliments. Women like compliments.

“Your teeth are real white,” Wilder blurted. Goddamn it, the words hung over them like a comic strip balloon. He wished for a string to grab onto, so he could stuff the idiocy back into his mouth, swallow it down.

“Excuse me?” Her shoulders jerked as her lips clamped, clearly not anticipating the awkward flattery.

At least he hadn’t said how much he liked her neck.Yet.

Damn, this was a mistake. He wasn’t good with people. Didn’t like people. Didn’t need people.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Last First Kiss

Book 2 – Right Wrong Guy

Book 3 – Best Worst Mistake


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